BDS Group Penalized For Hosting Unrepentant Terrorist (With Video)

A week after Paypal reportedly closed the account of BDS France, and only days after New York governor Andrew Cuomo signed an anti BDS executive order, comes yet another setback for the BDSM: a member organization has been called out on hosting a terrorist, and had their bank account closed.

leila khaled talkBERLIN – The Austrian financial giant Bawag closed the bank account of the pro-BDS Austrian-Arab cultural center (OKAZ), which hosted a Palestinian terrorist in Vienna in April.

A spokesman for New York-based investment firm Cerberus – the principal owner of the Bawag bank – told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday that the account was closed. OKAZ is part of the BDS (Boycott,Divestment, Sanctions) movement targeting the Jewish state.

OKAZ held an April event with the convicted Palestinian terrorist Leila Khaled, who is a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP. The EU and the US both classify the PFLP as a terrorist organization. Khaled hijacked American TWA flight 840 in 1969. A year later, she hijacked EL AL flight 219.

When asked about terror finance, a Bawag spokeswoman said that it adheres to all anti-terrorism law


The Austrian bank Erste Group pulled the plug on the BDS Austria account in April. The Erste Group has a New York City office. Proposed anti-BDS legislation in New York State may have played a role in the terminations of the account.

OKAZ recorded the event and I have located the video. The talk consists of Khaled telling heinous lies and glorifying/justifying terrorism against Israelis (including civilians), all the time while using careful language in order to compare us to the Nazis.

Some “highlights”:

  • The guy introducing this terrorist introduces her as the “beautiful face of Palestine” and the “icon of the revolution.” (from 6:10)
  • The guy whining about the “vicious campaign” that tried to prevent the terrorist from speaking, calling it scandalous(!) (from 9:00)
  • Khaled seemingly comparing us to Nazis (at 12:14)
  • Her deflection when asked how she could hurt civilians (from 12:24)
  • Khaled talking about the “armed revolution” and “resistance” as being something natural (from 15:06)
  • Khaled saying it is “our duty to eliminate and eradicate this occupation” and “our right” (from 15:55)
  • Khaled accusing Israelis and Zionists of wanting to end the “witness of the Nakba” and destroy the refugee camps (from 17:26)
  • Khaled saying Israelis “made a mistake” by leaving palestinians living within Israel, followed by an ethnic cleaning blood libel  and calling the idea of a Jewish state “apartheid” (from 18:30)
  • Khaled legitimizing attacks on Israeli civilians (from 26:36)
  • Khaled making fun of antisemitism in Europe, and some chuckles from the audience (from 33:24)
  • Her conspiracy theory (straight from neo Nazi websites) about Israel being behind the unrest in the Middle East in order to control the region (with the help of the US), sending ISIS and other terrorists as our tools (from 36:49)
  • Her formula for peace – the return of all refugees to live in Palestine – which will include what is now Israel (from 50:38)
  • Talking about their children “executed” on suspicion they are about to stab a “soldier or settler”, which she adds “is their right” (from 52:00)
  • Khaled saying her voice is one of peace and humanity (from 54:18)

This is the true face of BDS, folks.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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