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Ariel Gold Shaken But Not Stirred After Experiencing “Progressive” Antisemitism

A few days ago, Code Pinker Ariel Gold recounted what should have been an "aha" moment for her

Rep. Rashida Tlaib Finally Develops An Aversion To Post-it Notes

Rep. Rashida Tlaib is complaining a post-it note that rubbed her the wrong way

MUST WATCH: Jon Voight On Why He Loves the Jewish People

Damn dust in my eyes again.

Palestinian Chutzpah of the Day

Palestinian propaganda sites are running these photos with similar captions to the below: Leaving aside the fact there is absolutely no proof the farm was...

Palestinian Libel of the Day: Drugs Are Bad, Mmmmkay?

From the ever reliably unreliable Quds News Network

Hamas Photos of Their Dead Terrorist Indicate He May Very Well Have Shot Himself...

Hamas have released a number of photos of their official-cum-wormfood Imad Al-Alami, who died after supposedly shooting himself in the head while checking his gun.

Towards a New Model of Israel Advocacy

Our current methods are losing the next generation

Revolutionary New Concept In Palestine: The “Child-Friendly School”

An unheard-of concept has finally arrived in Palestine!

Citi Should Follow The Lead Of American Express

A kind request to the good folks at Citi.

Palestinian Loses Job…For Crime Of Saving Jewish Lives

And a prominent "settler" tries to help him
Balloons released on the occasion of the second anniversary of the founding of Oz VeGaon

Happy Birthday, Oz VeGaon

Has it really been two years since the three boys and Oz VeGaon entered our hearts to stay?

What I Learned On My Month Off Social Media

How a month off social media helped me calm the #%@$ down.


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