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More Flying Bacon as Amnesty International Declares They Never Reported That Israel Taught US...

Amnesty International has clarified that it has never reported that “neck kneeling” is a technique taught by the Israeli secret services

My Response to Iran’s “I Can’t Breathe” Cartoon Exhibition

From the people who brought us the International Holocaust Cartoon Contest and the International Hourglass Festival comes the “I Can’t Breathe,” cartoon exhibition

WATCH: More on the Murder of George Floyd

On today's Fireside Chat, I ventured to address some of the talking points I am seeing online surrounding the murder of George Floyd.

Black, White, Red and Green Floyd

Following the murder of George Floyd, the Palestine Museum tweeted this out

Antisemitic Terror-Tubby Abbas Hamideh Caught Lying Again

Abbas Hamideh has predictably tried to connect the murder of George Floyd with Israel, even going as far as to mock Israelis who have protested in support of Black Lives Matter.

Terror-Supporting Cafe Reems Implores Customers Not to Call the Cops on Looters

Terror-supporting cafe Reems has predictably entered the George Floyd fray...standing in solidarity with the "protesters" looting and setting fire to stores

The Nature of Israeli Training of US Police Officers

It should go without saying that Israel did not train police officers to murder a man in cold blood.

WATCH: Israel-Haters Need to Stop Hijacking Other Causes!

Since I BBQ'd today ahead of the Jewish festival of Shavuot, I decided to speak about something really on my mind: the disgraceful response of the Israel-hating crowd to the murder of George Floyd


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