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Human Rights Watch and Ken Roth Exposed as Hypocrites (Ok, More Than Usual)

Human Rights Watch accepted a sizable donation from a Saudi billionaire shortly after its researchers documented labor abuses at one of the man’s companies, a potential violation of the rights group’s own fundraising guidance

Ken Roth of Human Rights Watch on Halamish Massacre

Following the slaughter of a grandfather and his two children in Halamish, Ken Roth has had this to say

HRW’s Ken Roth Completely Humiliated On Twitter

A rough day ahead for Ken Roth

Israel’s Reaction To Nepal And Appalling Reactions To Israel

The haters won't let humanitarian efforts get in their way of their demonization campaign

Will Ken Roth Ever Admit That Some Gaza Casualties Were Caused By Hamas?

With 875 Hamas rockets landing inside Gaza, it seems certain that some number of Palestinian casualties were directly caused by Hamas

Human Rights Watch Executive Director Ken Roth Tweets Support For Hamas

Even this terror apologist, however, can't deny that Hamas's attacks on Israeli civilians constitute war crimes.

When Facts Are A Casualty

Actual facts are simply not relevant to the battle they are fighting

Breaking: Soldier Probably Kidnapped During Ceasefire

It’s hard to fathom the depths of these people.


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