Delicious! Israel Hater Rania Khalek Gets a Taste Of Her Own Medicine

Israel haters and Electronic Intifadumbasses Ali Abunimah and Rania Khalek have been targeted by their own for a while now, because of their stance on the slaughter in Syria, which many see as apathy at best and pro-Assad at worst. Khalek, in particular, has been widely condemned, for accepting an invitation to speak at an Assad-affiliated conference.

And the stench of that decision just won’t go away for Khalek, with UNC Students for Justice in Palestine just cancelling a talk featuring her after some pressure was brought to bear.

Naturally, Khalek is not happy.

But here’s the best part:

This coming from Khalek, a proponent of BDS against Israel (which involves stopping Israelis from speaking on campus and losing money among other things).

Both a Norwegian Doctor and Baltimore Doctor can confirm she is a whining hypocrite.

6 thoughts on “Delicious! Israel Hater Rania Khalek Gets a Taste Of Her Own Medicine”

  1. Norman_In_New_York

    What goes around comes around. When this movement reacts with silence to “Palestinians” massacred in their Syrian refugee camps, something has to give when even a small voice brings up the subject.

  2. She’s a real piece of work–and speaking like an inarticulate Valley Girl dripping with not-so-subtle antisemitism does no one any favors.

  3. This skank always struck me as being made of tissue paper.
    Not sureprised she had a meltdown.

    But did she really blame Jews (you know the anti-Palestinians) for costing her job and speaking engagements? Unreal

  4. ** Warning: Locker Room Talk to Follow **

    I always thought that all RK needed was a good pounding from Jewish __ck to stop her nonsense and set her on the right path. I imagine that anyone who wants to do that (consensual of course) would own her for life.

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