Jerusalem Islamic Tourism Plan

Tourism in Israel is up. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, a record-breaking 382,000 visitor entries were recorded in Israel in May 2014. You see it everyday at the Kotel. 

image Kosel, photo Kotel, picture wailing wall

The Western Wall plaza is busy with visitors from all over the world day and night.

The top-hatted doorman at the new Waldorf-Astoria Jerusalem is busy opening doors. Hotel lobbies are bustling and streets are full of tour buses.

Last April in Amman, the fatwa banning Muslims from visiting The Temple Mount was reversed.

Now, The Organization of Islamic Cooperation has named Jerusalem as the capital of Islamic tourism for 2016.

Mahmoud Habbash, PA minister of religious affairs, said the decision is a step towards breaking Israel’s siege of the city’s Islamic and Christian holy site.

Of course, he is not worried about access to Judaism’s most holy site which is extremely limited today and where any Jewish prayer is forbidden.

The Palestinian minister accused Israel of trying to hide the Arab and Islamic identity of Jerusalem.

Any chance to slam Israel, should not be missed. While Muslims on the Temple Mount have gotten increasingly violent against Jewish groups there.

“Jerusalem is the religious and political capital of Palestine,” Habbash said on Thursday, adding that he hopes the Islamic designation will encourage Muslim officials to visit Jerusalem in greater numbers.

Palestinians and Islamic clerics in the Middle East have for years accused Israel of “judaizing” Jerusalem.

Yep, all Jewish prayers going back centuries mention Jerusalem.

Further, The Organization for Islamic Cooperation that met last week in Indonesia to promote ‘Islamic tourism” said in a press release on its website,

the goal was to promote the development of Shariah-compliant hotels and resorts, entertainment and sport facilities, in addition to visits to Islamic cultural sites, promotion of Halal food and drinks, and family dedicated swimming and spa areas.

I wonder where and how they will build those “Shariah-compliant hotels and resorts,” since PA says it is too poor to pay its electric bills.

image western wall, photo Kosel open to everyone, Picture praying at western wall

Under 19 years of Jordanian rule, No Jews were allowed in The Old City or near The Temple Mount. Today all visitors who come to pray at the Western Wall are welcome.

Will Muslim visitors in large numbers try to keep others away once again?

Is that the real Jerusalem Islamic tourism plan?





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  • unpluggged

    I don’t see how it will be possible for all those Muselmans to enter Israel when we don’t have any diplomatic relations with those Muslim states and hence no visas will be issued.

  • Jim from Iowa

    Saw a graphic on Al Jazeera America that the uptick in tourism to Israel for the month of May was attributed to the Pope’s visit. At least there was that positive aspect to it.

  • Resist_We_Much_10

    Just as the subhuman “Palestinian” love death more than the Yahood love life, so too the Quranic pagans love ugliness more than the Yahood love beauty.

    Google pictures of Makkah.

    You’ll see how Judith Butler’s boys destroyed a once beautiful city and turned it into crap.

    The pagans are free to visit – so long as they pay a hefty jizya in willing submission to the Israeli police – but keep these Quranimals away from the architecture. The subhuman “Palestinians” destroy everything they touch – just look at ugly Makkah.

  • Travis

    Do you really think it is wise to encourage large numebrs of Muslims to come to Jerusalem? I for one do not. It is “pie in the sky thinking” to believe they will come away a lttle less anti-Israel/Semitic.

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