Israeli MissileTechnology Hits Pay Dirt

It has been announced that the Israeli firm Given Imagining LTD is being bought by an Irish company for a reported $860 million dollars.

One has to smile, and sometimes slowly shake your head, the way things work around here.

image pill cam, photo pill cam, picture of Israeli pill cam

The tiny pill cam was developed using Israeli missile technology.

Sure, if you can pinpoint-strike a target in the air, why not one in the gut?

photo image pill cam, image of pill cam, photo of pill cam display

The Given Imaging pill cam is featured as one of 20 special Israeli innovations at the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem, Israel.

One example of Israelis working on helping better the human condition.

picture Hamas rockets, image Hamas rockets Israel. photo Gaza rockets

These are a few of the missiles fired from Gaza that are featured in a display in Sderot that was set up before the visit of Barack Obama.

What a contrast!

Hamas and Hezbollah are so proud of the tons of missiles

that they have stored up ready to shoot at Israeli cities and civilians.

Inspiration for this:

picture kassams, photo rockets fired from Gaza. photo Gaza rockets

While Israeli missile technology hit “pay dirt” these missiles if we are lucky just hit dirt.



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