It’s Passover, Easter and Ridvan, Let’s Throw Rocks


Easter Sunday and Orthodox Easter, Sri Lankan New Year and Rivdan too, not only Passover is being celebrated in Jerusalem, Israel today.

While hundreds of thousands have gathered to celebrate their religious festivals, Arab rioters are throwing stones, at passing cars and on the Temple Mount and they are getting the attention that they are seeking.

When I went to the Old City this week, I saw very different scenes.

DSC_2356ic @RealJStreets4Israellycool

Yes, security was higher at Mamilla Mall near the Jaffa Gate into the Old City. There were indeed roads blocked in The Old City, but they were blocked for everyone. Only special vehicles got through, and there were limited ways to walk as well.

image Palestinian, photo Palestinian woman Israel. photo Israel Apartheid

In spite of negative reporting, there is freedom of movement not only for this Arab woman,

Israel apartheid image, photo Palestinian Jerusalem

but also young Arab males who are working and or walking.

Imagine Israel is trying to keep away those whose intent is to cause damage!?!

image Israel apartheid

The crowds were so heavy on Thursday, we had to walk out only one way from the Western Wall, and not my usual way. Darn, as I was trying to show this cute Ethiopian child, an Arab woman walked right into my frame.

DSC_2459ic @REalJStreets4Israellycool

Unlike the years of 1948-1967, when under Jordanian occupation, the Old City was off limits to all Jews, now hundreds of thousands of visitors of many faiths are celebrating their religious festivals.

Hopefully as these tourists freely walk the Jerusalem, Israel streets, they will see what is really happening for themselves and take home the truth.

What a huge BDSFail, these religious pilgrims!

Meanwhile, if you are not familiar with Ridvan, it is a 12 day Bahai religious festival that started in Baghdad, its most holy day starts at sunset on April 20 each year.

Also, April 20 is Hitler’s birthday, but that is another story.

Happy Passover, Easter, New Year and Ridvan.



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