The Bullsh*t Dam Has Burst

First the facts. There is NO DAM in Israel that can release water and flood Gaza. There’s no way for Israel to deliberately flood Gaza. OK? Back in December 2013 the Pallywood propaganda machine tried to blame flooding in Gaza on Israel and Jono wrote about it here. This was the headline on the Middle East Monitor back in December 2013:

Flooding share

Well now in February 2015 it rained again, it usually does in the winter, and the same storm that brought snow and joy to the children of Jerusalem brought flooding and misery to the Gaza strip. But only the water that fell from the sky, there was no Zionist Dam Opening Water of Death™ because there is NO ZIONIST DAM that can flood Gaza.

But that didn’t stop the AFP from doing this (quoting from CAMERA):

Most recently, this week AFP posted a brief video (“Gaza village floods after Israel opens dam gates”) claiming that Israel has deliberately flooded Gaza by opening dams. In fact, Israel has no dams that can be opened in southern Israel.

In the video, Ead Zino, a resident of Al-Maghraqa, accuses Israel: “Every four years there is a war but here in Maghraqa every year there is a flood. This water comes from Israel. This is political. All Israel wants is to destroy us.”

In addition, AFP’s caption at the beginning of the video is “Gaza village flooded as Israel opens dam gates.”

CAMERA jumped on the AFP and got them to remove the story until such time as they could post it with a refutation from Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) to the effect of what I said earlier: there is NO ZIONIST DAM that can flood Gaza. Elder of Ziyon has also been covering this too.

We can, also, rely on the usual NGO suspects (great friends of the enemedia) to repeat and amplify the claims. Here’s the holier than though Human Rights Watch repeating the lies as captured by Judge Dan:

But of course, RT and Al Jazeera had already run the story and this morning the Daily Mail even runs these headlines and bullet points:

Hundreds of Palestinians left homeless by heavy flooding after water levels in Gaza Valley rise by up to 10 feet

  • Nearly 80 families were evacuated and sent to nearby UN refugee shelter
  • Horse and carriages used to ferry family members through brown sludge
  • Hours later Israeli electric company cut power for 45 minutes due to debts
  • Israel rejected claims it opened dams saying: ‘We couldn’t open any dams because there aren’t any’

Let’s first start by pointing out one problem in the headline: Gaza is NOT A VALLEY.

The Daily Mail’s piece is lavishly documented with heart wrenching pictures of poverty stricken Gazans wading in sh*ty brown water, children, donkeys and even at least one drone shot.

This was a massively coordinated effort to deceive.

Notice also how this story throws in a completely unconnected story about cutting electricity. Those of us in Israel who actually pay for our electricity are starting to get upset about the uncollected $0.5bn (yes that much) Palestinians Authority debt for electricity.  So the Israeli Electric company cut off power for 45 minutes to two cities in Judea/Samaria. These are no where near the Gaza strip and it’s flooding (which is in evidence in the Daily Mail but not in such a way that anyone not immersed in this region would understand.

The flooding was today compounded after an Israeli power company cut electricity to two of Gaza’s major West Bank cities.

Update: The first version of the Daily Mail story (screen shot below) swallowed the Palestinian lies completely, only after the intervention of Honest Reporting was the version I referenced above produced.

So let’s recap how this works:

  1. Water falls from the sky as rain (we can blame God or Global Warming, you decide);
  2. Supporters of the Palestinian desire to eradicate Israel blame Israel for local flooding. There is no doubt it was exacerbated by years of a failure to invest in water infrastructure and drainage by the Palestinians who were too busy building weapons of war;
  3. The lethal journalists at AFP repeat the lies of Palestinian “spokespeople” and send it out to the world;
  4. The world’s media lumps the whole story in with any other way they can to bash Israel.
  5. The story is proved to be false and misleading, is withdrawn or altered in the newswire but the vast majority of corrupted organs of the world’s media never return to edit their copies.

And so the lethal media have added another little brick to the wall of Jew hatred that they’re so carefully building up.

Hundreds of Palestinians left homeless by heavy flooding after water levels in Gaza Valley rise by up to 10 feet   Daily Mail Online First version of Daily Mail story:

First version of Daily Mail flood libel story

Side note: when we were trying to save the assets of Better Place we pointed out to Government officials that keeping a basic amount of the infrastructure and switch stations running for five years would cost a tiny fraction of what was owed by the Palestinian Authority even back two years ago.


Brian of London

Brian of London is not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy. Since making aliyah in 2009, Brian has blogged at Israellycool. Brian is an indigenous rights activist fighting for indigenous people who’ve returned to their ancestral homelands and built great things.

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