New Photo of Arab Girls with Video


Since publishing 15 Real Photos of Arab Girls  three years ago, I have learned a lot. That post, with over 216,000 views from 195 countries, has revealed some interesting search words:

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  • the list goes on…and recently there was this one: “40 year old topless arab ladies.”

Which I thought of after watching this video of a visit to the Temple Mount by Dennis Ross, a United States Congressman, who recently visited Israel.

There were those ‘females’ all covered in black. Another video with those soothing voices that have been all too common recently.  I wonder do they use their new found employment

image Arab shuk

to purchase some of these little red numbers hanging out on display in the Arab street market in The Old City?

Not to disappoint, here are a couple of real Arab girls.

picture Arab girls

Alone. No male escort. No one shouting at them. Two Muslim girls walking near Hebrew University.

Just another regular day in Jerusalem, Israel.


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