Photos of the Day: Israel’s Special Kids


Judge Dan’s photos of Gaza kindergarten graduation were depressing. Those sweet young faces being poisoned. Children so young learning to be killers. I cannot understand how the world condones that child abuse.

Today in Jerusalem, Israel, was a very different scene. ALEH, a school for children with severe learning disabilities, had its annual march over the String Bridge. Maybe not a big deal for you to go over a bridge. But for these kids, their families, staff and dozens of volunteers, it is a celebration.

Disabled child being pushed in wheelchair

A big celebration of life, a life, and no matter what, to make the best of everyday and move forward. One student had a IV-drip attached to his special chair as he was pushed over the bridge.

Balloons released on Chord Bridge during ALEh march

Green and purple balloons were released when all the marchers were on the Bridge. At the end on the other side was a band, music and dancing.

Muslim woman, Religious man, mixed crowd Jerusalem

Religious Jews, Muslim women with their head coverings, “regular” Israels, young and old. healthy and sick, marching together. Working together to improve the lives of the children.

Though the school does not allow photos of most of the students faces, there are more photos posted on Facebook.

Gaza is so close, yet so very far away.

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