Corbyn’s Kindergarten Killers

Amid growing revelations of anti-semitism within the Labor party in England, it was revealed today, in the UK’s Daily Mail, that Labor Leader, Jeremy Corbyn’s pet charity, Interpal, funded a shocking and gruesome ‘festival of hate’ where a video surfaced showing “Palestinian” children pretending to stab Jews.  It was even revealed that Interpal paid for the Labour leader and his wife to tour Gaza in 2013.

We are seeing more and more of this in the West.  Political elites cloaking their hatred of Jews behind their support for the so-called “Palestinian” cause.  What a sad and pathetic day this is when supporting the “cause” in “Palestine” leads to paying for a festival of child abuse that is taken to pathological and stratospheric levels.

The hypocrisy is stunning. As these supporters of the “cause”  cry and whine about how mean Israel is to the “Palestinians” they have no qualms about turning little children into cold-blooded murderers and destroying any semblance of a good and normal life they could have.

According to the Daily Mail:

“Sickening footage of a seven-year-old Palestinian girl ‘stabbing’ Jews was taken at a ‘festival of hate’ partly funded by a UK charity supported by Jeremy Corbyn and Labour MPs, MailOnline can reveal.

The film of the gruesome children’s play was broadcast on Hamas TV last week, with the British charity’s logo clearly visible on a banner behind the stage.

The little girl, dressed in a hijab, is seen pretending to stab two boys dressed as Israeli soldiers, who respond by ‘shooting’ her. Then, amid cheers from the baying crowd, a boy dressed as a masked terrorist massacres the soldiers with a replica semi-automatic weapon.

This shocking display of brainwashing took place last week as part of ‘Palestine Festival for Children and Education’ – and the festival was funded by Interpal, which is widely supported by Labour MPs.

The Charity Commission said it is investigating ‘as a matter of priority’.

MailOnline’s revelations will cause intense embarrassment to the Labour leader, who is facing a storm of criticism for not acting strongly enough to quell anti-Semitism in his party. His office declined to comment last night.”

For a political leader in England to support a group that pays for the abuse and brainwashing of children to murder Jews is pure unadulterated evil. If this man and all in his party who also support this are not removed from their positions at once and this hateful “charity” closed down and child abuse charges leveled against them,  then I fear for our civilization.

Interpal Banner

Interpal Banner

Giving his opinion, Stephen Pollard wrote a sobering piece in The Telegraph titled, The Left’s Hatred of the Jews Chills me to the Bone.

He writes:

…”This is not some academic exercise or interesting political theory. This is reality – the reality that the Labour Party is now run by a cadre for whom anti-Semitism really is ok, so long as it is dressed up as anti-Zionism. Because Zionism is the enemy of all good people.

Should I admit that I am afraid? Because I am. I don’t go about my life in fear. I wouldn’t be writing this or doing my job if I did. But how, quite rationally, can I not be afraid when Jews are being murdered on the streets of Europe simply for being Jews; when anti-Semitic tropes and discourse is becoming part of the mainstream of political debate; and when one of our main political parties is led by a man who does not merely let this fester, but actually describes representatives of terrorist groups as “friends”?

If this is the level we have reached today, I fear not just for myself but far more for my children. History shows that when anti-Semitism takes hold it does not wither; it grows. Yes, Britain is a wonderful home to Jews, as it is to all minorities. Yes, we have the full backing of the law and the authorities. But yes, I do look over my shoulder. Wouldn’t you?”


Leslie-Ann Stoffel

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