Class “A” Celebs in Jerusalem for Million Dollar Genesis Prize

Israellycool has posted on “celebs” from Grade “B to Z” who are boycotting Israel or worse. Most of these “entertainers” or whatever publicity seeking things they attempt, I had never heard of before Israellycool has pointed out their bile.

However, right now in Jerusalem, Israel, there are two world class “A” celebrities.

Dave wrote Dame Helen Mirren was singing praises of Israel. I was at the press conference. In fact, she did not sing. However, she spoke such positive words in such regal tones, it was like music to the ears.

Mirren’s father moved to England as a refugee, after her family lost everything in the Russian Revolution, perhaps a factor in her warmth and empathy.

I could go on and on, but want to point out what she was wearing. Not her simple, proper outfit. She always dresses well. Look what at the pin she is wearing.

Dame Helen Mirren in Jerusalem wearing Jerusalem pin

The pin is the same as those given out to Jerusalem residents on Jerusalem Day by the Mayor at the Tower of David Museum for the Jerusalem Day Open House.

In an answer to a question from a journalist about film, Dame Helen Mirren sounded like the Ambassador of Film for Jerusalem.

And yes, she says Jerusalem is in Israel.

The song lyrics “Nothing like a dame” keep going through my head.

But also, Itzhak Perlman was at the press conference, the brilliant Israeli born violinist. His wit. His down to earth response to accepting the “Jewish Nobel Prize” and a million dollars. Even without his violin, music in his words. His love of being “home” again.

Maybe it was Helen Mirren’s first experience in Israel in 1967, with her Jewish boyfriend, working on kibbutz that established her strong anti-boycott positions.

Dame Helen promised more stories in her speech at the Genesis Prize Award Ceremony. I can’t wait to see two real class “A” celebs together on the Jerusalem Theater stage tonight.


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