A Hint As To What Jewish Freedom of Worship Would Look Like Under a Palestinian State


In case you cannot imagine what religious freedom would look if, G-d forbid, the palestinians were in control of what they consider “Palestine”, allow this post from the Palestinian Information Center inform you:

In other words, Jews praying at the Western Wall, one of their holiest sites in Judaism* on the eve of the holiest day in the Jewish calendar, angers the palestinian Arabs, who even consider this site to be theirs.

Hamas’ tweet on the matter is just as instructive

They see our mere presence there to be more than a “storming”, but even a desecration, and they see the Western Wall (what they call Buraq Wall) as part of the Al Aqsa mosque compound. And Jews merely praying to their G-d are “fanatic.”

Not that you should be surprised. We have a precedent as to what happens when the Muslims are in full control of these holy sites.

*the holiest happens to be where the Muslims built their mosque hundreds of years after the Jewish Temple that stood there was destroyed

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