Antisemite Amer Zahr Officially Named as Surrogate for Bernie Sanders


Just when you thought having antisemite Linda Sarsour’s endorsement was bad enough, along comes another Jew-hating turd to endorse the candidacy of Bernie Sanders: “Comedian” Amer Zahr (hat tip: Marc).

Zahr is the piece of work who wiped Israel off the map in Rashida Tlaib’s congressional office

and bullied a Lebanese-American for opening a franchise of an Israeli-created company.

He mocks Israelis and desires Israel’s destruction

Defends Hamas and terrorism

Engages in blood libels

Lies about history

Denies the Jewish connection to Israel

(although seems rather confused)

Dehumanizes Israelis and her supporters

Compares Israel to ISIS

And is so dishonest, he even tries to spin the fact Arabs have complete freedom in Israel

And yes, he is a vile antisemite.

He takes potshots at Jews

Suggests the Jews are ‘white’

And mocks Jewish belief

Form your own conclusion from this “comedy routine” of his:

So if you are someone who still supports Bernie Sanders, I really have to question your feelings about Jews – notwithstanding the fact Bernie was born one.

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