Gaslighting From the Usual Suspects in Wake of Latest Antisemitic Attack in New York


Today I woke up to news of yet another attack on Orthodox Jews in New York, again at the hands of an African American.

This was Code Pinker Ariel Gold’s reaction to it:

The amount of mental gymnastics one would have to perform to reach this conclusion would put Nadia Comaneci to shame.

Even if the attacker was really a White supremacist in Black Face, this is not “Trump’s America.”

It is the America of Linda Sarsour et al, in which hatred is fomented towards proud Jews who actually follow Judaism and the integral part that love of our homeland, Israel, plays in it.

The America in which the likes of Linda Sarsour compare Zionism to White supremacy, praise Black antisemites like Louis Farrakhan, and generally do everything to increase tensions so the Black community can forget how we stood side-by-side with them during the Civil Rights struggle.

So yes, Ariel

You, Linda and the others are together in this.

As complicit as f***.

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