WATCH: Roger Waters Denies He Is Antisemitic…Then Shows How He IS


Rock’n’roll BDS-hole Roger Waters has been interviewed yet again, this time by some fellow hater called Professor John Haas of Cerritos College.

It is a long, rambling interview, so don’t bother. Instead watch the below, which is what I distilled; Waters denies he is antisemitic, claiming cries of “antisemite” are merely a way to silence criticism of Israel. He then mocks the IHRA working definition of antisemitism, lying about it as outlawing legitimate criticism of Israel (it absolutely does nothing of the kind).

After denying his antisemitism, Waters shows how he absolutely is: he denies the legitimacy of the entire Jewish state, calling it “an experiment that went hideously and horribly wrong; he compares us to White supremacists, and he repeats the antisemitic trope that Jews in Israel are all from Europe and are not indigenous to the Middle East.

He is also vile when it comes to the US, calling it “an absolute bastion of everything that is evil about the human race” (which still does not seem to stop him from living there).

He is just awful.

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