Gazans Continue to Be Their Own Worst Enemies When It Comes to Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus


Deputy Hamas-hole Khalil al-Haya has declared Israel responsible for the outbreak of coronavirus in the Gaza Strip, threatening us if we don’t transfer to them medical supplies.

But as photos from the opening of their new mall showed, Gazans are not acting responsibly when it comes to social distancing and other measures to curtail the spread of the virus.

Now new photos have come to light, which show the problem is not going away.

Let’s look closer at some of these photos.

Men without masks close to uncovered food? Check

Men handling the food with their bare hands? Check

Man without mask standing close to customers? Check

They really should listen to me.

But kudos to Hamas for their attempts to prevent the spread of coronavirus among their own.

Their terrorists are wearing special masks, even though they normally wear…masks.

Update: And I certainly hope this is not a recent photo.

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