Bankrupt Booth

Anti-Israel “activist” and new convert to Islam, Lauren Booth, has apparently learned the hard way that man can’t live on spiritual morphine alone.

While Tony Blair can look forward to cracking open the Bollinger on New Year’s Eve at his £5.75 million mansion in Bucks, ­having added to his wealth by at least £20 million since he left No 10, things are very different for his wife’s pretty, blonde half-sister, Lauren Booth.

Indeed, so poverty-stricken is Lauren, 43, that she has just been forced to declared herself bankrupt.

Lauren, a writer, broadcaster and human rights activist who recently converted to Islam in an extra­ordinary epiphany after she visited a shrine in Iran, is named in the London Gazette as having ­petitioned for bankruptcy in the run-up to Christmas.

Among other things, her ­insolvency means she will have ­difficulty using a credit card, she cannot be a company director for up to 15 years, cannot run a ­company, is forbidden to stand as an MP, and there may even be problems over her bank account.

Extraordinarily, one of her ­creditors is Cherie, who lent her £15,000 last year, but which ­Lauren has failed to pay back. I gather Lauren wrote to her wealthy sister in April pleading for help, and Cherie reluctantly agreed to bail her out.

Cherie, who shares the same father with Lauren — Till Death Us Do Part actor Tony Booth — understandably felt Lauren had a cheek to ask her for money, ­considering how critical Lauren has been over Blair’s role in the war in Iraq. She has written at length on the subject.

Mother-of-two Lauren’s financial plight comes as she goes through a divorce from her actor husband Craig Darby, having returned to Britain last year after their dream of a new life in France collapsed.

Now giving a flat in Muswell Hill, North London, as her address to the Bankruptcy Division of the High Court, Lauren admits her finances have been in a mess for some time.

She is in negative equity on her farmhouse in the Dordogne, where she moved six years ago, and she has described how her French idyll went wrong, saying: ‘I never trained as an accountant. We were soon in trouble, with the banks and with the taxman.’

I am told: ‘Cherie was adamant it would be strictly a short-term loan till her sister could get back on her feet. Cherie had a lawyer draw up a contract which stretched to ­several pages and insisted ­Lauren sign it before she wrote out the cheque.

‘She wanted everything done legally so she would be sure of ­getting her money back.’

Now Cherie will have to line up with all the other creditors.

Looks like Booth may have trouble buying things next time she is in a grocery store. I guess Iran’s Press TV doesn’t pay that well after all. Perhaps some of her other friends are willing to help?

In the meantime, I am just waiting for Booth to blame her predicament on the Zionists.

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  • stv

    ooft, Gazetted!

    Some doors just slammed shut forever.

  • waltkovacs

    geez…personal bankruptcy laws are that tuff in britain?

    but may the same thing happen to every jew hater/israel hater and bds'er

    karma…it is a bitch

  • Shy Guy

    What's the problem? Just put on your burqka and rob a bank! If thief and cutthroat Mohamed could raid infidel caravans, so, too, Lauren can plunder infidel banks. Perhaps Booth hasn't reached that page yet in her Qur'an reading. :p

  • faboutlaws

    I think her way out might be several of those Shi'ite temporary marriages.

  • Bubbe

    Hell of a 'boycott Israel' tactic, Lauren. Maybe she could become a #4 wife to a rich Saudi and solve all her financial problems … or get a job.

  • Raymond in DC

    As Nelson Muntz of "The Simpsons" fame would say, "Ha-ha! You're bankrupt!"

  • Rob

    Perhaps she could move to Gaza and apply to UNRWA for aid as a 'Palestinian refugee' .

    Certainly her status is as genuine as the rest of them!

  • James

    Ah what a shame – she can't even manage to earn a living as a media whore. At the bankruptcy court she gave her address as 17C Woodlands Gardens, London N10 3UE, which is fairly near where I live. I'm thinking of popping round to congratulate her on becoming financially as well as morally bankrupt. Does anybody have any other messages they would like me to pass on?

  • Jill

    hm. Nice to see at least one jihadist type punished in life.

    James, if you're really going to see her, don't forget the disinfectant. you may need to sanitise afterwards.

  • Sam Broughton

    All I see here is someone mocking a woman with children for having financial troubles.

    “Looks like Booth may have trouble buying things next time she is in a grocery store.”

    The writers continue to crawl through the moral low-ground zionism has taught them.

  • Sam Broughton

    …exactly HOW MUCH does Israel get from the US each year?

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