Journalist Word of the Night: Scum

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I lived in the United States, Canada and Australia before moving to Israel in the midst of the Second Lebanon War. For the last nine years, walking the streets of Jerusalem, the scenes I saw every day did not resemble the ones familiar in the Western media. Now I try to share those positive images with the world, what is really happening in Jerusalem, Israel, The Real Jerusalem Streets

Instead of my usual Photo of the Day, this time I have to share instead the Word of the Night: “scum.”

First CNN correspondent Diana Magnay, reporting  from Israel used “scum” in her tweet to describe Israelis cheering the IDF bombing of terror locations. She then deleted it, making a story that was picked up and written about already in many places.

Around the same time last night, I asked a simple question on Twitter to someone who was praising rallies (riots) against Israel in Turkey instigated by IHH.

I certainly was surprised and unprepared to get this answer within minutes:

tweet anti Israel

Another one of those anti-Israel trolls who have been out in full force this week I thought. Then this happened:

Capture  zionist scum

Within seconds it was being retweeted, but I had enough and went to sleep.

This morning I found that the author of “Get lost you Zionist scum”

image tweet against Israel

was not an everyday troll, but a “British-Turkish journalist.”

FYI, dear journalists with obvious limited knowledge

image dirty water

this is scum.

image tweet

#TurksWhoHateJews or #JournalistSayingScum, all leave a bad odor.


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