Pro-Israel Mensch of the Day: Marco Rubio

Dozens of videos are being shared through email and Facebook during Operation Protective Edge.

I confess I do not open them all, but this one I got from Leah W, is a must see.

It is good to know that someone in Washington, DC gets it!

Thanks Sen. Marco Rubio.

You stated that civilian deaths in Gaza are 100% Hamas’ fault in the US Congressional Record,

now please talk to NBC News.

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  • Jim from Iowa

    Not trying to make Israel a partisan political issue?!!? Baloney. Obama and Kerry have made every single point that Sen. Rubio just made in defending Israel.

    • Sharon A

      Friend from US who is visiting Israel told me yesterday that everything in Washington is so partisan these days, that nothing is getting done, especially domestically.

      • Rabbi Burns

        Time for a two-state solution in the USA.

        • Jim from Iowa

          Great idea. The Tea Party can have all the Bugtussels and Skunk Hollers and we’ll take everything else.

          • Rabbi Burns

            US is already non-contiguous so easy to split up on a state-by-state basis. Actually, if would be a neat idea for an enterprising country like America that values the marketplace to have two federal states and every 5-10 years the individual states could vote on which federal state they wanted to join. People could also vote with their feet and move to a state of their choice. Then we could see the relative merits of free market versus socialism. There could in time even be more than 2 federal states to choose from.

            • Sharon A

              Sorry too complicated from over here, but thanks for commenting.

            • mzk1_1

              Now THAT’S a libertarian for you!

          • mzk1_1

            Unfortunately, we all live in the wrong states.

          • Mr. Idaho

            OK, the Skunk Hollers are where all the natural resources are, so good deal.

      • Joan

        That’s right…the floor of the Senate is piled so high I paper that one can hardly enter them Senate floor…Harry has some work to do!

    • Rabbi Burns

      Those double-talkers also make a whole lot of other points that contradict their supposedly unwavering support for Israel.

    • dabney_c

      Sure, and after they’ve finished making those points, there’s the inevitable, “but” …

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Most members of Congress get it. The administration has shown signs of schizophrenia on this, knowing what is right but fearful of upsetting their diplomatic apple carts.

    • Sharon A

      Yes Congress has been supportive of Israel, but often POTUS has done his own thing.

  • mzk1_1

    Even stranger, Egypt said it. And they think Jews eat babies.

    • S.Levy

      It all depends on the “babies”, their age, how hot, how willing and how enthusiastic.

  • Diane DolinskyPickar

    Thank you for finally speaking the truth… the terrorist organization is designed for destroying the Jewish state. Now, that’s just part of the reason they should be condemned… there is indeed no moral equivalence

  • zyggy




  • joel dotan

    Well done Sen Marco Rubio, someone not afraid to speak the truth and not to worry about being PC. Thanks you.

    How about more honest public figures speaking out

  • Nat Schmelzer

    May he or someone whose thinking is like his be our next President.

  • PaulLFormal

    Wonderful speech. I wish more of our political leaders would voice their opinions so clearly. I believe in peaceful positive discussion to reach constructive compromise. But education should not be used to teach genocide. “Never Again” Peace, love, health and happiness to all since 1953

  • Fred

    Senator Rubio,

    I want to thank you for your unwavering and unconditional support of Israel, as well as your highlighting the point that ALL Palestinian deaths are the sole responsibility of HAMAS and not Israel. Thank you for also realizing and stating that all the Palestinian/Muslim propaganda in which they attempt to demonize Israel/Jews and present a vile comparison of moral equivalence through the world press must not be given any credibility.

    The press and those that blatantly hate Jews are attempting to create false talking points which truth and reality are completely twisted. I find their attempt to equate moral equivalence, between Israel and Hamas, and the comparisons of deaths of each side–as if that matters–and the term “proportionate force” to be deceiving and morally reprehensible.

    You will have my full support should you one day decide to run for the office of the Presidency.

    • Archie

      Fred, I am looking at your last sentence: this is exactly what Rubio wants you to do – support him for Presidency. He is one of the most opportunistic politicians there are, and he will say anything that certain groups of voters want him to say, even if his first sentence contradicts the second one. I am not sure why otherwise smart people cannot tell a liar?

      • Fred

        Please tell me ONE politician that is not opportunistic. Just one. And, Rubio is pro Israel–that has been his history to date.

  • charlie29

    Marco Rubio is no different than the majority of congress and the white house and any other person with a sound mind that realizes that Israel is real and must survive. He is also a clever politician. He picked the best place to say the best words. He is senator from a state with a heavy Jewish population and he wants to be president of the country. He will need the Jewish vote and this is a good stepping stone for him,. I personally don’t trust him. He doesn’t usually think for himself and is a tea party sweetheart.

  • Darryl Segal

    Marco Rubio for the next President!

  • elena.ulanovsky
  • AussieDave

    Projection (and you are banned)

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