Rihanna, Another Superstar in Israel


Unless you have the flu and have been hiding under the covers,

you must know by now that Rihanna is in Israel.

Her sold-out concert for 52,000 people was a triumph over the evil of BDS anti-Israel haters, who pressured the superstar not to come and give her concert in Israel.

However, Rihanna was not the only star to perform this week.

Israeli entertainer Roni “Superstar” Duani performed at a special Bar/ Bat Mitzvah celebration in the Israeli President’s Residence in Jerusalem, Israel.

But, there was a new rising superstar at this event, Bat Mitzvah girl Shira Cohen.

In 2003, Shira and her family were riding Egged bus #2 when it was blown up by a Hamas terrorist.

She was so severely injured that she had stopped breathing before medical teams were able to revive her.

Bet Hanasi hall girl speaking, image Israeli President house

Shira stood before President Shimon Peres,

and family and friends of the 50 Bar/Bat Mitzvah children, all victims of terror.

Clearly, loudly, confidently, her star power shown brightly as she retold her story.

Woman holding her daughter, smiling girl with serious injuries, after terror attack image.

Shira may have almost lost her eye and her life,

but she showed the courage to triumph over terror.

Her family survived that day, but 25 others were killed,

including 7 children, while hundreds others were injured.

Mazel Tov Shira!

Mazel Tov to the other Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrants and their families!


Tzvika Pozis-Shahak started the Terror Victims Association, the sponsoring organization,

after his daughter Bat-Chen was killed by a terrorist in Tel Aviv in 1996.











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