Journalist Word of the Night: Scum


Instead of my usual Photo of the Day, this time I have to share instead the Word of the Night: “scum.”

First CNN correspondent Diana Magnay, reporting  from Israel used “scum” in her tweet to describe Israelis cheering the IDF bombing of terror locations. She then deleted it, making a story that was picked up and written about already in many places.

Around the same time last night, I asked a simple question on Twitter to someone who was praising rallies (riots) against Israel in Turkey instigated by IHH.

I certainly was surprised and unprepared to get this answer within minutes:

tweet anti Israel

Another one of those anti-Israel trolls who have been out in full force this week I thought. Then this happened:

Capture  zionist scum

Within seconds it was being retweeted, but I had enough and went to sleep.

This morning I found that the author of “Get lost you Zionist scum”

image tweet against Israel

was not an everyday troll, but a “British-Turkish journalist.”

FYI, dear journalists with obvious limited knowledge

image dirty water

this is scum.

image tweet

#TurksWhoHateJews or #JournalistSayingScum, all leave a bad odor.


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