George Galloway Claims Labour and Corbyn Antisemitism Allegations Are All “Because of Palestine”


As you are aware, there has been a huge outcry against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for allowing antisemitism to spread in his party – including his own membership in antisemitic Facebook groups and a comment in support of an antisemitic mural. This led to a street protest yesterday, led by the Board of Deputies of British Jews, which although devoid of Israeli flags, seemed to get a strong message across.

Speeches from Parliament Square…

Posted by Sussex Friends Of Israel on Monday, March 26, 2018

Enter extreme Israel hater George Galloway, who some would say is antisemitic, but would then find themselves sued by him. He has come out in support of Corbyn, and claimed the accusations of antisemitism are nothing more than a witch hunt because of his support for the palestinian Arabs.

•Labour has such an “anti-Semitism” problem that a couple of years ago it had a Jewish leader who defined himself as a…

Posted by George Galloway on Monday, March 26, 2018

Note how Galloway actually intimates that the outcry against Corbyn will whip up more antisemitism.

He also has a number of tweets and retweets on the subject, including this one by fellow hater Tony Greenstein (who happened to also be a member of one of the antisemitic Facebook groups with Jeremy Corbyn).

Bringing up a ridiculous and offensive comment by one Rabbi – nothing antisemitic about that either, I am sure.

Bear in mind that there has been very real antisemitic comments made by UK Labour politicians and members, and Corbyn tolerated the most heinous antisemitic Facebook postings, and even came out in support of this mural, for which has he now apologized.

The fact that George Galloway conveniently brushes all of this aside says a lot about George Galloway – but probably not anything we didn’t already know.

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