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Linda Sarsour’s Outright Dishonest Defense Against Accusations of Antisemitism

Following the Women’s March pathetic statement supposedly denouncing antisemitism, their co-founder Linda Sarsour has finally penned a defense against accusations she herself is a Jew hater.

A Letter on Loyalty, Agency, Unity and the Farrakhan Controversy

This is not intended to persuade or to convince, it is my voice and my experience and my truth

The first lie in the very first sentence. This is absolutely intended to persuade and convince. Although I do find the words “my truth” to be rather telling – Sarsour has made it a habit to bend the truth to suit her goals.

Recently someone started a discussion on a listerv of prominent movement activists. It started with an eagerness to learn altho it was written from a place of pain. It was about Women’s March and the cyclical Farrakhan controversy we find ourselves in every few months. I felt compelled to respond and pour my heart in to it and it proved to be transformative and I wanted to share it with all of you and feel free to share it with others if you wish.


Thank you for your patience and for those that chimed in. I could write a dissertation/book about this and I may one day but I won’t here (this will still be a bit long tho). I am requesting for all who read my words to approach them with an open mind and an open heart with the understanding that you may not agree with what I will put forth and that is okay with me. This is not intended to persuade or to convince, it is my voice and my experience and my truth – one that may not be comfortable for some.

I know and recognize that our Jewish family is experiencing real pain, hurt and trauma. I know this stems from generational trauma and history of genocide and that these past few weeks have triggered insecurity, fear and anxiety. This is a difficult time and it requires us to be clear-eyed and also recognize the real threats so we can protect each other. We are all we got and this movement is all we got.

Sarsour begins with acknowledging the “real pain, hurt and trauma” of what she calls “our Jewish family.” Yet when the same “family” experiences “real pain, hurt and trauma” from palestinian terrorism, she is not only silent – she justifies the cause of it.

The Farrakhan controversy began 8 months ago when Jake Tapper and Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL “exposed/promoted” a video of the Minister Farrakhan at an annual gathering for the Nation of Islam called Saviour’s Day where Tamika D. Mallory was present along with 15,000 other people including many Black celebrities, business people, dignitaries and pastors. She was not a speaker. Tamika has already discussed in length her longstanding relationship with the NOI after the brutal murder of her son’s father 17 years ago and the positive role NOI played in this Black single teen mother’s life. I won’t rehash this but here for context.

There is no context or justification for attending a gathering for a Jew hater like Farrakhan. Period. Not if you want us to believe you are not yourself antisemitic. Plus note what Sarsour conveniently leaves out – her own fan-girling of Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.

Sarsour Farrakhan

We heard painful and yet loving critiques from our Jewish friends, we had conference calls, meetings, we put out a statement that came out a few days late BECAUSE we have Jewish women on our staff who were impacted personally and working through a statement that was going to speak to all the concerns was not something that could happen overnight. Since then conversations continued and our important work continued.

Then the horrific tree of life shooting happened that took the life of 11 innocent Jewish Americans and all of a sudden Women’s March was being asked to condemn the Minister Farrakhan. There was nothing new that happened between Women’s March and the Minister. Folks decided to rehash 8 months ago. A white supremacist walked in to a synagogue and killed 11 innocent people and the focus became the Minister Farrakhan and the NOI. A few days before that a white supremacist sent dozens of pipe bombs to notable figures and a day before that a white supremacist killed two Black people at Kroger’s (my Muslim American community also raised funds for these two innocent souls as well) after he could not get in to a locked Black church but here we were three women of color who are leading a powerful effective movement with millions of members being demanded to denounce Minister Farrakhan who had no relation to these white supremacists or these acts of violence. Instead of coming together as a country to call out white supremacy and the violence being inspired by this Administration – the deflection went to a Black man who has no institutional power – this is a feature of white supremacy.

Note the bait-and-switch. After glossing over Farrakhan’s antisemitism – heck, she did not even mention it but only alluded to it – Sarsour hones in on the antisemitism of the Far Right, which she blames on Trump. Not only that, but she further minimizes Farrakhan’s antisemitism by calling talk of it a “deflection…to a Black man who has no institutional power.”

This is not a letter in defense of Minister Farrakhan. He can do that for himself.

So Sarsour would defend him if he couldn’t? Why not say “This is not a letter in defense of Minister Farrakhan. His words and actions are indefensible, and I condemn them wholeheartedly”?

 We have been CRYSTAL CLEAR in BOTH of our statements that we REJECT antisemitism and all forms of racism. We have been CLEAR that Minister Farrakhan has said hateful and hurtful things and that he does not align with our Unity Principles of the Women’s March that were created by Women of Color.

No, you have not.

Minister Farrakhan will tell you himself that he does not belong to nor adhere to our progressive movement or yours.

We are trained in Kingian nonviolence, the ideology of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that at its core calls us to attack the forces of evil not those doing evil. We believe in redemption for people of color who have been discarded, denounced and condemned for centuries in this country. People who engage in acts or behaviors or hold beliefs based on their own historical trauma. It’s why we are not ashamed to work with formerly incarcerated individuals who have committed crimes that for some in society would have determined and decided to give them death. We have been slandered for working with criminals – but we are committed to a movement that leaves no one behind.

Except “Zionists”, of course.

Some folks who claim to be in the resistance or represent the resistance have no ideology or theory of change and have no understanding of the nuance that comes with organizing with communities of color because they have not done the work – and I pray that they do meet, build and learn because it will transform how they show up so they can help and not harm.

Last year when a St. Louis Jewish cemetery was desecrated with no hesitation I raised close to $165K for its restoration and because of the generosity of many in my community it allowed for the restoration of another Jewish cemetery in Colorado that was neglected for years. Immediately after the Tree of Life shooting, my colleague Tarek and I (through MPower Change) raised $206K to pay for ALL the funerals of the 11 innocent Jews that were killed. My role as a movement leader is not just to say profound words it is to set an example of what meaningful allyship looks like that is beyond thoughts and prayers. This was all erased. Oped after oped after oped after oped after quotes from people who want to see their names in print and barely any mention of our contributions when they decided to tear us down.

Here, Sarsour is bringing up her fundraising for the Jewish community to defend herself against the accusations of antisemitism. I called it last year.

Sarsour’s fundraising for the Jewish community seems to be a PR stunt straight from her own playbook. And not just for Muslims in general, but also Sarsour personally, who has been reeling from the exposure of her misdeeds, and is engaging in damage control as she prepares herself for what looks like a political career.


The labels of antisemitism were here before the Minister Farrakhan controversy 8 months ago. Who remembers when a campaign was started by the alt-right and right wing Zionists to get me disinvited from a CUNY commencement speech last June? Who remembers the campaign against me last fall around my participation in a New School panel about the importance of combatting antisemitism in this moment with Jewish Voice for Peace and Jacobin Magazine?

Now Sarsour shamelessly attacks “Zionists”, who are mostly Jewish people following the core belief of Judaism that Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people. Nice way to prove you are not antisemitic!

As for her “participation in a New School panel about the importance of combatting (sic) antisemitism”, I remember.

Minister Farrakhan was not even a factor yet in the conversation. I was already being labeled an antisemite and by extension the Women’s March. It’s very clear to me what the underlying issue is – I am a bold, outspoken BDS supporting Palestinian Muslim American woman and the opposition’s worst nightmare. They have tried every tactic at their disposal to undermine me, discredit me, vilify me but my roots are too deep and my work is too clear and they have not succeeded so by proxy they began attacking my sister Tamika Mallory – knowing all too well that in this country the most discardable woman is a Black woman. Tamika has been disinvited from some things, and her twitter account that I have access to is full of hate that is unfathomable saturated with the N-words and worst things said to Black women. I will NEVER throw Tamika away. My loyalty to Black women who have risked their lives for all of us is and will be unshaken. I will continue to hold Tamika up because she has done that for too many people that society has written off.

Tamika and I are women with our own agency. We speak for ourselves and ourselves alone. We are being stripped of our agency when every few months we are asked to condemn the Minister about words that we did not say, nonetheless the words of a man who did not consult us on his words. We are being held to standards that no one would hold themselves to. I can share numerous examples of times when movement leaders could have said more and done more for various communities or in response to hateful things that have come from their communities and their “leaders”- blatant anti-blackness, islamophobia, anti-Palestinian rhetoric – yet that is UNFAIR which is why I don’t expect it nor demand it. As a Muslim, I know all too well that I am expected to answer for other Muslims actions when white folks never have a second thought about having to do that – this is a feature of white supremacy.

Let’s also recognize who the majority is that leads the attacks against women of color leaders – not people of color led institutions or activists. Wonder why. Who benefits when a powerful, effective and proven organization is attacked? Who benefits when the movement is divided? Who benefits from the confusion and the fractures? Not us. Not marginalized people. Not those who are counting on us to win. Let us not fall for the longstanding tactics of white supremacy of divide and conquer. Unity is NOT uniformity. I am not building a unified movement where we will all agree on every single point and issue. I am building a complex, intersectional movement with the clear understanding that it will be messy and uncomfortable because if it was going to be easy someone would have done it a long time ago and we would all have our rights and be enjoying our lives in a free democratic country that treats us all with dignity and respect. But here we are. We have seen UGLY. I pray that none of you have to experience what we have. A litany of death threats, unsolicited hate mail some with threats of violence. FBI visits to notify me of credible threats to my life that I had not even seen, the need for security detail, surveillance systems for my home – I don’t say this for any pity or sympathy because I am NOT a victim, I am a survivor of a white supremacist system that wants to ban and rid itself of people like me and Tamika, I say this to say that these public toxic conversations invite these things to happen to us and we all have a responsibility to want us to be safe and out of harm’s way. Tamika and I did not choose to be activists, this work chose us. This is not a side job, or a labor of love – this is a matter of life and death for the communities we love and come from.

I ask you all to model how we approach each other in the movement. Have conversations, reach out, ask questions, give benefit of the doubt, contextualize moments outside of your own personal feelings, remind yourself of the good this person or persons or organization has done. Use critical thinking skills. Be honest with your feelings, speak from the I, propose solutions and not demands. Challenge people in your circles, engage people. Tearing down, threatening movement leaders with “say this or else we won’t do this or if you don’t say this than its meaningless” is not the way.

The Women’s March is an important institution in this resistance. We have organized the largest single day demonstration in American history, we have been the catalyst for 20,000 women to run for office, we have trained thousands of women in civil disobedience and direct action, organized the largest women led civil disobedience back in June around family separation, co-led close to 30 days of organizing around Kavanaugh and shifted the entire narrative, worked diligently with many of you on elections in key states winning back the House and NOW we are in the midst of organizing another HISTORIC mobilization to remind the Administration that we are still here as a resistance and send a message to Congress and yes to our friends in Congress that we will create the political will for them to be brave and hold them accountable to the platforms they ran on.

Thank you for reading this far. I know for some this may not have been easy and may have triggered you and I see you. Sit with this. Absorb it from a place of love and commitment to making this movement work. I pray that our Jewish family recognizes that this resistance is for you too and that you embrace the solidarity we have shown because we have a lot more to give. I am available for one on one conversations and am committed to making the time.

Stay focused. The real threat is white nationalism and white supremacy. They want to destroy us all. We are all we got and you know that you can count on me and the Women’s March leaders to continue to be bold and put it all on the line. We hope to see you on January 19th, 2019. We promise you that we have remarkable things in store and you will leave inspired once again.

I will leave you with a quote that guides the way I show up in this work and I hope that it speaks to all of you. It is by an aboriginal woman by the name of Lila Watson and she said:

“If you have come here to help me you are wasting your time but if you have come here because you believe that your liberation is bound up with mine, let us work together.”

My liberation is bound up with all of yours.

In solidarity,

Linda Sarsour

In all of this, what Sarsour does not mention are the other compelling reasons she is considered an antisemite. Things like attacking Jews who support Israel, speaking about the “Jewish” media and “right-wing Zionist” media conspiracymaking light of antisemitism, attacking a mainstream Jewish group, linking to antisemitic pieces, and perpetuating the antisemitic canard that Jews are only loyal to Israel.

You may be fooling a lot of people, Linda, but you don’t fool me.

I. See. You.

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