Antisemitic Blood Libel Disseminator Marc Lamont Hill Defends Ilhan Omar Against Antisemitism Charges

In their infinite wisdom, AJ+, the “woke” arm of Al Jazeera aka Al Jizz aka Al Crapeeza have released this video of Marc Lamont Hill defending Rep. Ilhan Omar against charges of antisemitism.

Given Hill’s dissemination of antisemitic blood libels, hanging with antisemitic homeboysdefense and glorification of palestinian terrorists, and endorsement of Israel’s demographic destruction,  I’d have thought this was not the wisest choice of “celebrity endorsement” for Ilhan Omar. Having Marc Lamont Hill defend Ilhan Omar against antisemitism charges is like getting a pyromaniac to warn against the dangers of lighting fires

Then again, since when do Al Jizz and “logic” ever fit together.

But now to the video:

Note how Hill starts off by suggesting the entire criticism of Omar is solely because she is a woman of color who is Muslim and who wears a hijab. This is a dismissal of the fact the criticism was legitimate given she actually used an antisemitic trope. Her skin color and religion are irrelevant. Unless Hill thinks Muslims are more prone to antisemitism.

Note how Al Jizz suggests Omar was accused of using antisemitic tropes by suggesting AIPAC pays American lawmakers to support Israel. As many have noted, AIPAC do not pay anyone anything. The idea of Jews paying off people and exerting undue influence is absolutely an antisemitic trope. Even Israel critics admit it. But thank you Al Jizz for trying to tell us Jews what is and what isn’t antisemitism, and using someone else who dabbles in antisemitic tropes to argue the point. Winning!

Hill’s assertion that Jewish lives and palestinian lives are worth the same is a strawman – no-one suggests otherwise – and the implication that those criticizing Omar do not think so is vile.

As is Al Jizz’s assertion that Hill was fired merely because “he condemned Israel’s occupation of Palestinian Lands in his UN speech.” That was because he endorsed Israel’s destruction, despite his protests.

But you have to love Hill doubling down on the antisemitic trope.

The contention that she is not wanted on the “House Foreign Services Committee” (it is the House Foreign Affairs Committee, you ignoramus) because of one tweet is laughable. This is a continuation of a number of tweets and statements in which Omar has screamed out “I am an antisemite!”

In other words, this is yet another example of terrible propaganda by Al Jizz.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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