Antisemite Ariyana Love’s Latest Video Rant About Me: “We Need to Silence This Guy”


Antisemite Ariyana Love continues to lose sleep over the fact I have disseminated her antisemitic and genocidal comments to hundreds of thousands of people (if not more). She has posted yet again more libels about me and my late wife, and continues to encourage ‘anonymous’ hacktivists to bombard my former place of employment with hate mail about me

I must really have gotten into her head (and let’s face it – there is plenty of room there, even accounting for social distancing), because she even posted a 13+ minute video rant about me.

Let’s address the lies (making a note of all of this for when I sue her):

  • I publish under my own name, not Aussie Dave anymore
  • I am not and have never been an IT specialist (she is insinuating I somehow have tech know-how and the ability to hack)
  • I no longer work for SAP Labs Israel, having left in August 2019
  • When I did work at SAP, they were not aware of my blog, since I did not publish under my real name, and not in their name. And they certainly never financed my blog.
  • I do not target people merely for being pro-Palestine – I expose actual antisemites or people who openly advocate terrorism and genocide
  • I do not fabricate anything or make anything up. My posts contain screenshots of actual public tweets and posts of the antisemite or terror-supporter in question. I am essentially shining a light on their own words, exposing them to a wider audience of decent people, instead of just the fellow antisemites and terror supporters for whom they were intended in the first place. It is my way of effectively fighting back within the law.
  • I have never called anyone’s place of employment. I am sure some readers, though, have, after being appalled by the overt antisemitism of some of those whose posts I have exposed.
  • I do not ‘target children.’ I assume the child she mentions was Bethany/Bendy Koval, who made the news in 2016 after administrators at her high school accused her of bullying over pro-Hamas tweets she made. I posted about the story and showed her tweets, and contributor Judean Peoples Front posted this follow-up. Although a minor at the time, Koval was tweeting all about this, and just did not like the fact that we shone a light on the vile nature of what she tweeted (she continues to target me from time-to-time, siccing her followers on to me, even though I barely give a thought to her). Also, very occasional contributor Brian once posted this about schoolgirl Leanne Mohamad’s first place winning “Speak Out” presentation, which he argued contained “extracts intended to evince Jew hatred and hatred for the Jewish State of Israel in the audience.”
  • Love absolutely is antisemitic and liked a comment calling for the extermination of Jews. (I never claimed she outright called for our murder, but she certainly liked the comment of someone else who did)
  • I do not live in any illegal settlement colony or stole land from anyone
  • I do not hate palestinians or think they are inhuman. Nor did my late wife.
  • I never contacted the Finnish authorities to have her deported. If they wanted to because of her antisemitism highlighted my post, perhaps she shouldn’t engage in hate speech.

Note the ‘Dan Frank’ she mentions on a few occasions (including his blatant antisemitic comment). He is another antisemite I have exposed before. And the musician she mentions? I believe it may be fellow antisemite and terror-supporter Harry Reed, who I noticed commenting on some of Love’s rants. In fact there a bunch of them who support her – you know what they say about turds of a feather.

Love has certainly picked the wrong guy to spread lies about. I intend to sue her, and welcome any of my readers with a background in defamation law to contact me.

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