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Africa 4 Palestine Head Muhammed Desai Glorifies a Terrorist (Again)

The head of Africa 4 Palestine is Muhammed "Me Too" Desai. And he thinks we are all idiots.

BDS South Africa Head Muhammed Desai Shows He Likes His Women Rough

We already know that BDS South Africa Head Muhammed Desai loves the ladies. And it seems, from his Facebook page, that he really has a type

WATCH: Head of BDS South Africa Muhammed Desai Gets Ass Handed Back to Him...

In a debate on South African TV regarding the Israeli-palestinian Arab conflict, Muhammed Desai, the head of BDS South Africa (wearing a t-shirt wiping Israel off the map), got utterly destroyed.

Paypal No Longer Working with Terror Pals BDS South Africa

Is Paypal blocking BDS South Africa because of their terrorist connection?

BDS South Africa’s Muhammed Desai Deletes Post Admitting to Collaboration with PFLP Terrorists

Muhammed Desai, the Director of BDS South Africa, has deleted his post admitting to collaboration with terrorists

Muhammed Desai of BDS South Africa Admits to Working With Rep. of Terrorist Organization

What a shame for the BDS Movement that some of their own like Desai cannot help themselves.

WATCH: Alleged Sexual Harassment Victim of BDS South Africa Director Muhammed Desai Speaks Out

A few months ago, I posted how Muhammed Desai, director of BDS South Africa, was accused of #metoo-ing three women in one night. One of the victims,  San Jose State University Professor Sang Hea Kil, recently spoke about her ordeal at the (allegedly wandering) hands of Desai.

BDS South Africa Slammed For Their Handling of Muhammed Desai Sexual Harassment Allegations

South African BDS-holes continue to turn on their own, expressing a real unhappiness with how BDS South Africa is handling the sexual harassment allegations against its director Muhammad Desai.

Caption This: Muhammed Desai Edition

Caption this photo of a press conference with South African celebrity-cum-BDS-Hole Shashi Naidoo and Muhammed Desai, Director of BDS South Africa and alleged me-too'er.

Muhammed Desai, Director of BDS South Africa, Accused of Me-Tooing Women

Muhammed Desai, director of BDS South Africa (BDS-SA), is alleged to have sexually harassed three women on one night.

WATCH: BDSM Presents: How to Deal With Losing a Debate (Part One)

Where I highlight the BDS movement's dirty tactics

MUST WATCH: Champion Debater Wipes Floor With BDS-Hole

On South African TV, BDS-hole Muhammed Desai challenged champion debater, writer, analyst and commentator Jamie Mithi, who opposes BDS (and BS). 


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