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What Will Democrat Jews Do If Bernie Sanders Is Their Future?

“Bernie Sanders, who now stands a better chance of becoming president than any Jew in American history”

Israel Basher Peter Beinart Disparages Judaism

Beinart's mask seems to be slipping, revealing what lurks beneath. And it ain't pretty.

Quiz: Is it a Peter Beinart Op-Ed or Taylor Swift Breakup Song?

Sometimes it's hard to keep track

Peter Beinart’s Bible Study Body

A reinterpretation of classical Bible stories, infused with Progressive values!

Peter Beinart Criticizes Israel For Its Lack of Interest in Peter Beinart (Satire)

The Daily Freier asks people on the streets how they feel about Peter Beinart's criticism of Israel

Publishing Peter Beinart’s Press Release Is Not Journalism

All Beinart and Farooqi did was occupy an Arab’s land and wreck his goats’ grazing!

Separated At Birth: Noah-It-All Edition

A physical similarity of sorts

Beinart vs Gordis Deathmatch

On Wednesday, Peter Beinart and Daniel Gordis debated the proposition: “Zionism is a failing experiment—and American Jews are hastening its decline.”


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