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For 935 days, the family of Gilad Shalit and their supporters occupied a Jerusalem, Israel street.

It was surprising to hear that the tent that is now located in that spot outside the Prime Minister’s residence was to be removed by order of the Municipality, on Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.

image protest Israel, photo protest tent Jerusalem, picture protesters prisoner realease.

However, after a Monday visit and apology from Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat,

image protest against prisoner release, image family members protest, photo tent near prime ministers home, picture prisoner release protest

family members of murdered Israelis were still on the street with signs,

Israel protest poster image, photo protest poster only Israel frees murderers, picture protest sign

  ‘Israeli government officials should be embarrassed – only in Israel do murderers go free’

image Palestinian prisoners, photo Palestine warriors, picture Israel protest

and terrorists go home and terror increases.

As this latest release of 26 convicted murders seems destined to go through, will these murderers also receive a heroes welcome and healthy financial package?

What has Israel gotten in return from such ‘painful gestures’ other than more pain?

Has the Palestinian Authority moved one baby-step toward a compromise?

image terror victim memorial, photo terror victim, picture memorial candle

 Posters with the victims faces and memorial candles seem of little comfort.


13 thoughts on “Families Protest Prisoner Release”

  1. My remark in the last thread was harsh!

    I just think it was unforgivable when the Israeli government helps to make anti-Semitism respectable and adds to grieving families’ pain.

    No good will come out of this latest act of self-inflicted national humiliation. Its so completely unnecessary!

    What we all do know for a certainty is peace is not going to happen. So what is the point of releasing unrepentant murderers from prison?

  2. Where is the poster of the terrorists John Kerry and Barack Obama whose “peace plan” calls for the release of convicted murderers of Jews?

    1. I would hope that Israelis would call you out for such an outrageous statement attacking the American president and secretary of state with such irresponsible language as “terrorist.” This kind of language doesn’t serve the interests of Israel or Israel-American friendship. I guess on this site as it currently exists, it will have to be an American like me to point such things out. Why are IsraellyCool readers now so comfortable with such hostile comments aimed at America? This is disappointing to me.

      1. My American outrage “disappoints” you more than the administration demanding the release of convicted murders? I’m guessing yes, since so many called you out during the last prisoner release for your incredible insensitivity.

        1. You are so hate-filled in your attitude toward Americans you can’t even keep your lies straight. What’s the value of even having a dialogue with someone like you? By the way, it is not insensitive to support the ongoing peace process. Take up the issue of prisoner releases with Netanyahu; it was his decision, not mine or any other American’s.

  3. An agreement is an Agreement, but we have to be heard. Whats good for Tamimi is Freedom and being heard, Sbarro is still being remembered, Never forget, Chana Nachenberg still in a COMA! Sarah will never forget and neither will I! Bitter Pill when do they pay for SBARRO???? Do we get to live in Peace too??
    PEACE NOW and NO to BAD MEDIA… Why Negotiate if they get the democracy to do as they wish!!! I value life Chana lives on….in my heart!

    1. Sbarro and many others are remembered. I was going to post a photo of the memorial sign that is across the street from the Prime Minister’s house and the protest… where 10 people were killed by a suicide bomber in that cafe. I had it at the end of this post, but then reconsidered and removed it. The whole situation is so sad, thought that photo would have made the post too morbid. Wishing you well.

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