Spanish BDS-Holes Unleash a Real Blood Libel


The Twitter account of BDS in Segovia (in Spain, not to be confused with that fictional country in the Marvel universe) tweeted this a number of days ago (hat tip: Ari):

Note the dehumanizing language, indicative of the antisemitic blood libel of the Middle Ages. It is a real thing with these BDS groups.

As for the video itself, I am not sure of its origin or when it was taken, but the man handing out the sweets is saying “well done to the IDF on the targeted killing in Gaza.” The word he uses (חיסול) is very specific, and would never refer to the killing of innocent people, but rather to the elimination of specific terrorists. Assuming the video is current, it seems he is referring to the operation killing the Islamic Jihad arch terrorist Bahaa Abu Al-Ata.

Israelis do not celebrate the deaths of civilians with sweets or at all. That’s a palestinian thing.

So what we have is an actual blood libel by a bunch of modern day Jew haters.

Update: They have now deleted the offending tweet.

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