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Media Bias Most Horrid as AFP Talks the Walk on Gaza

AFP publishes a report that needs to be seen to be believed: Gazans take coastal walks to escape 'double confinement'

Mainstream Media Fooled by Story of Gazan Woman Who Invented ‘Coronavirus Machine’

Some large news outlets like AFP recently covered the story of a palestinian woman who invented a machine to fight the spread of covid-19

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Suggest Burning US & Israeli Flags at Home To Help Prevent...

Given the coronavirus pandemic, the traditional Student Day march marking the anniversary of the Tehran United States embassy seizure will not be held for the first time in four decades. But an official of the student section of the Basij militia has said students should instead set fire to the US flag at home and circulate video clips to commemorate the occasion.

A Novel Approach to Fighting Covid-19

While Israel has just launched coronavirus vaccine human trials, our neighbors seem to have adopted a very different approach

BDS Movement Alleges Israel Engages in #Coronaracism…As We Fight to Save Saeb Erekat’s Life

The BDS Movement is trying to convince people that we are undermining palestinian efforts to fight COVID-19


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