So, I Hear My Israeliness Bothers You

Hello world.

You don’t know me but perhaps you should get to know me. After all, I hear that my Israeliness bothers you. So, I’m going to share a few of my thoughts with you. Not that I think it will make much of a difference, as you’re pretty set in your ways. Nevertheless, I will indulge and at the same time, address your struggles in comprehending anything but falsehoods and fabrications, by throwing in visuals aids.

You see, I returned home ten years ago. To Israel, the land of my forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It was a long and difficult journey, but I finally made my way back. There were many challenges that you threw at me, though not unbeatable, I imagine to your dismay. Although, these days those challenges are reappearing, with ferocity, and becoming more hostile and more threatening. It’s downright irritating.

I don’t particularly appreciate you telling me that my home is not my home.

But it’s a lot more complicated than just that.

Something is brewing. Much more ominous than most of you realize, or rather, are willing to realize. Despite the hundreds of thousands slaughtered throughout Africa and the Middle East in the name of numerous forms of radical Islam, we are merely at the precipice. Yet, you, world, refuse to recognize radical Islam for what it is, even in the face of global terror.

You, heads of state, fear offending the offenders.  Concocted excuses and cover-ups are in full force at the risk of your national security and the very lives of your citizens. Hundreds of thousands of unvetted “refugees” pass freely through your gates and upon the heels of the predictable terrorist attacks you attempt to gloss over the Muslim identity of the perpetrators, or state that the motive for various attacks, which are blatantly Jihadist, are unclear.

For it is far easier to target Israel… To target the Jews.

But your folly will come at a heavy price – much heavier than 9/11.

We, the Jewish people know our enemies are many. Your war against the Jews did not end with Hitler committing suicide in his bunker. It has simply taken on a new formula based on a process of invalidating our indigenous rights to our land.  And, as in WWII, you, dear world, are complicit – whether by your silence in the face of it, or your outright active involvement.

Mass movements to delegitimize Israel are widespread.  US college campuses have become a battleground against American Jews and Israel, Students for Justice in Palestine delegitimizes Israel through the BDS Movement.

The US government today collaborates with the UN as it unabashedly questions Israel’s right to her land, including her capital, Jerusalem, and even questions our right to defend ourselves against terrorists as it holds Israel to a double standard and equates Israel’s defensive measures with terrorist attacks.

And there is the hushed united silence among the nations as UNESCO usurps the Jewish nation’s identity by claiming our historical and religious sites belong to the “Palestinian” people, an identity created in the 20th century for the purpose of destroying the State of Israel.

To participate in this outrageous lie is often because of outright Jew-hatred, a timeless pastime you sustained from one generation to the next over the span of two millenniums.

Baseless accusations against Israel of apartheid are equally grounded in Jew-hatred, fed to unwitting populations by the machinery of the Muslim Brotherhood whose malicious and immoral precepts you accept and welcome into your respective lands, while foolishly ignoring their intentions of global jihad.  In Europe, anti-Israel movements have likewise spread on its campuses, and European governments engage in funding anti-Israel NGO’s and anarchist movements determined to bring about Israel’s demise. Jew-hatred is once again flourishing throughout the continent, picking up where they left off at the end of WWII.

Hardly a difficult transition for Europe.

ISIS, Saudi Arabia, North Korea and Iran do not face the amount of criticism and condemnation by the world body as does Israel.  Neither are Hamas and the Palestinian Authority held to task for scandalously abusing their own people.

You, esteemed nations of the world, instead  prop them up as victims of supposed abuse from Israel, and corroborate their gross revision of history that appropriates the Jewish nation’s heritage as their own.  You enthusiastically embrace these lies as you immerse yourselves into a global conglomerate of Jew-haters. Yes, you, dear world, as you applaud in unison while Mahmoud Abbas spits out blood libels against Israel, and at the same time offer your implicit approval of Iran’s repeated declaration to wipe us off the map.

Wholesale slaughter of people by the sword of jihadists is rampant, yet you choose to demonize Israel. You seek to destroy the one nation on the front lines, fighting against the jihadists to save your necks.

Sorry to be the bearer of undesirable news, but, despite all your vile efforts, you will not succeed. Haven’t you heard? We Jews are a stiff-necked people and we refuse to be annihilated. I believe our track record makes that evident. And currently, your efforts to demonize us, usurp our history, invalidate our nationhood, and delegitimize our State is pissing us off.

So far from surrendering, we’re fortifying. We’re bolstering our numbers. In case you didn’t notice, from all four corners of the earth, the rest of the Jewish people are steadily returning home to Israel.

You see, we are a nation of fighters. And, yes, we have every right to be proud of that. It is not because it is our own choosing, but because it is a necessity that you thrust upon us.

We are a people with a legacy of defiance and a fighting spirit passed on through the generations. Our existence is proof of that. And, our heritage is the Land of Israel. It is our legacy, 4000 years strong, which we will continue to fight for, against all you nations upon this earth who seek to rob us of not only our national identity, but our right to live.

This is a reality we did not wish for, but it is one we will continue to face head on. You will never take Jerusalem from us again.

Our courage is as constant as our faith, and our hope for a saner world, despite the challenges you present us with, is never futile. It is our hope, steeped in our faith that gives us the wherewithal to go on, against all odds. It is the hope that maintains the fight in all of us – to hold on to what we cherish and to protect it with our very lives. As fierce as our courage is, our hope continues to stubbornly blossom.  You will never be able to take that away from us, and therefore, you will never win.

For as long as it takes, we will continue to be a nation of fighters, just in our cause to defend what is true and honest, and what is rightfully ours. We will continue to be a thorn to your evil endeavors, and this is where I invoke the prophesies, namely,  Zecharya;  Jerusalem will be a cup of poison to all those who attempt to besiege her and take her from Jewish hands. All those who participate in it, will suffer from it.

All your plans, your scheming and calculations will be for naught We have something stronger and far more durable than all your revolting alliances. We have, despite all odds, and against all reason and rationale, clung to a mightier and supreme force with an unbreakable allegiance to our faith, our land and our nationhood.

We are here, in our land of Israel, and we’re not going anywhere.

Am Yisrael Chai


Zahava Englard Shapiro

Originally from New York, Zahava was lost in New Jersey for several years until found over a decade ago roaming the hills of Judea in Gush Etzion. An author of two books, “The Gilboa Iris” published by Gefen and “Settling for More: From Jersey to Judea” published by Devora. Her favorite quote is: “If it’s not controversial, why bother?” (Yes, the quote is her own.) She is a mother of four, with two sons having proudly served in IDF combat. Zahava is presently residing in Jerusalem, continues to publish articles for various online publications and is currently working on "the great Israeli novel."

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