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Boycotter Attacks Me for Promoting Boycott of Another Boycotter

This is too good to not share

Antisemitic Foodbenders Owner Kimberly Hawkins Keeps Digging Herself a Bigger Hole

Antisemitic Foodbenders owner Kimberly Hawkins can't help herself

Antisemitic Foodbenders Owner Kimberly Hawkins Facing More Charges

The city of Toronto has filed charges against a local food store and catering company for discriminating against the city’s Jewish residents, according to a statement from B’nai Brith Canada, which has been in contact with Toronto officials about the alleged violations.

Antisemitic Foodbenders Owner Kimberly Hawkins Didn’t Give Much Thought to Her Placard

Thank you for erecting this sign outside your shop, Kimberly

Foodbenders Owner Kimberly Hawkins Accuses Police of Co-operating With People Who Broke Her Store’s...

This time, she has alleged on Instagram that someone broke her store's window, and the police were in cahoots with them

Foodbenders Owner Kimberly Hawkins Again Glorifies Lethal Violence Against Israelis

Antisemitic Foodbenders owner Kimberly Hawkins has even less shame than most Israel-haters

Some Israel-Haters Turning on Antisemitic Foodbenders Owner Kimberly Hawkins

The more this woman posts, the worse she makes it for herself.

Foodbenders Owner Kimberley Hawkins Thinks We Have a Short Memory

Foodbenders owner Kimberley Hawkins has posted on Instagram her thoughts on weapons

Foodbenders Owner Kimberly Hawkins: I Did Not Mean Zionists Are Not Welcome (And Other...

After a week of radio silence, and facing a new lawsuit on top of at least one human rights complaint, Foodbenders owner Kimberly Hawkins has released the following media statement. Here it is, along with my translation.

The Week Continues to Serve Up Some Tasty Karma to Antisemitic Foodbenders Owner

Foodbenders owner Kimberly Hawkins' week continues to kick her in the tuchus.

Antisemitic Restaurant Foodbenders Removes Its Instagram Page

Now they've removed their Instagram page entirely

Anti-Israel Facebook Page Falsely Accuses Me of Calling Foodbenders Owner a “Terrorist”

The page's disdain for truth and accuracy goes beyond them not being able to spell the name of my website properly

Foodbenders Owner Backtracks, Now Claims Some Zionists ARE Welcome

It would seem that Kimberley Hawkins of Foodbenders is cracking

Meal-Ordering Platform Provider Ritual Technologies Severs Ties With Foodbenders

Ritual Technologies is a meal ordering platform provider that provide restaurants with a way to enable their customers to order contactless pickup or delivery directly on their websites. What they refuse to enable is antisemitism.


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