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Thursday, June 29, 2017
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The Judean People’s Front is on the front-lines against the hated Romans and BDS, fighting lies and misinformation with facts and humor (allegedly). I’m not a Roman mum. I’m a Jew, a Yid. I’m Kosher mum. I’m a Red Sea Pedestrian and proud of it!

It’s Just The “Political Wing”

So Quds Day protesters are allowed to fly the flag of Hezbollah's "political wing?"

Trump, The Muslim Ban, and BDS

Anyone who recognizes the "true intent" behind President Trump's Muslim Ban must also recognize the true intent behind BDS

Who Exactly Can Be A Feminist, Linda Sarsour?

Linda Sarsour's rejection of Zionist Feminists lays bare her Jew-hatred.

Trump’s “Muslim Ban” Exposes Leftist & BDS Hypocrisy

The far Left exposes its own hypocrisy

Responding To Ray Hanania’s Myths

Ray Hanania may be a "moderate," but he's beholden to same Palestinian myths peddled by Fatah and Hamas

The New York Times Once Again Lies About “Liberal Zionism”

By allowing Omri Boehm to define "liberal Zionism," the New York Times shows its bias

Stop Saying The UN Created Israel

Don't let anyone tell you the UN is responsible for creating the State of Israel

The Alt-Right And Alt-Left Join Forces Against Zionism

It is imperative we understand the threats not just of the Alt-Right but of the Alt-Left as well.

Palestinian Ambassador Admits UNESCO Resolution Was To Affirm Temple Mount Is Muslim Only

Palestinian Ambassador to Kuwait confirms the real reason for October's anti-Jewish UNESCO resolution

PA Palling Around With Jihadists

When it comes to Palestinian unity, peace-loving Abbas will consider anything

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