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Separated at Birth: Crazy Eyes Edition

It's all in the eyes

Separated At Birth: Rock On Edition

Another uncanny resemblance

Separated at Birth: Batsh*t Crazy Edition

Head Hamashole Yahya Sinwar has more than a passing resemblance to thi creature

Separated At Birth: Major Asshole Edition

These dead Islamic Jihad terrorists look like some movie characters

Separated at Birth: Fat Head Edition

Roger Waters certainly has a big head

Separated at Birth: You’re Putin Me On (Meow) Edition

It has taken cats to bring me out of virtual separated at birth retirement, with my second feline-related post in a few days

Separated at Birth: An Eternity in Gaza Edition

Another separated at birth inspired by yesterday's post on horsing around in Gaza

Separated at Birth: Grumpy Edition

It was only a matter of time before I made the connection between these two

Separated at Birth: You Are Tearing Me Apart, Putin! Edition

Russian leader Vladimir Putin and cult actor/director Tommy Wiseau

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