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Gaza Health Ministry Guidelines for Coronavirus Prevention

Following in Israel's footsteps, Hamas in Gaza has issued their own health guidelines to deal with preventing the spread of coronavirus

Netanyahu Defeats Rival Gantz, Fake News Media Declares Three Days of Mourning

As the final votes are being counted, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party appears to have defeated the rival Blue and White Party led by the former IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz.

Mahmoud Abbas Cuts Ties with US and Israel, World in Shock

In a fit of rage over President Trump’s “Deal of the Century” peace plan, PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas cut ties with America and Israel. The rest is satire.

American Fat Studies Association Calls for Immediate Release of Jabba the Jihadi (Satire)

“The mufti Abu Abdul Bari was a victim of sizeism and fat oppression”

Iran Comes Up with Solution to Global Warming (Satire)

Some satire loosely based on real events

Iran Blames the US for Downing of Ukrainian Jetliner (Satire)

Three days after Iran confessed to shooting down a Ukrainian jetliner last week, President Hassan Rouhani told Iran's state-controlled news agency Tasnim that the responsibility for the shooting lies with the United States after all.

Darth Viper AKA Soleimani Evaporates in Baghdad

Daniel with some more biting satire

Pallywood’s Most Explosive Contributions of the Decade

As the world greets the New Year 2020, Pallywood can proudly look back at a decade of disproportionate contributions to humanity.

My Nation of Islam Security Detail Said That I’m Not a Bigot, by Linda...

But you know what? I am not a bigot! And you know who has my back on this? The Nation of Islam Security Team that we hired for the Women's March!

This Hanukkah, I’m Gonna Gaslight You for 8 Days! By Linda Sarsour

Some Hanukkah satire from the Daily Freier
Chuck Schumer magic glasses

With My Magic Glasses, I Can’t See the Antisemites in My Party, by Chuck...

When I slip on these magic glasses, I can't see that the Democratic Party just elected a Congresswoman from Minnesota who said that "Evil Israel" hypnotized the world!
Ahed Tamimi Daily Freier Israellycool

Ahed Tamimi Wakes Up From Nightmare Where She Was in an Arab Jail

“So in this dream, Real Madrid didn’t give me a jersey when I got out of the Arab prison…. come to think of it, in my dream I never get out of prison."

Michael Chabon Revisits the Story of Abraham

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