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Fauxtography of the Day: The Palestinian Arab Girl’s Death Stare

The following photo and text was recently posted on Facebook and then elsewhere

Latest Anti-Israel Libel: The Palestinian Woman Shot With Child in Her Arms

The following disturbing video, purportedly of a palestinian woman being shot by Israeli troops, has been doing the rounds on social media, disseminated primarily by Israel haters

Palestinian Fauxtography of the Day: A Childhood (And Photo) Stolen

The following was posted by a Israel-hater late last year but has only just now come to my attention

Palestinian Fauxtography of the Day: The Wrecked House

An anti-Israel Twitter account called Palestinian Culture yesterday tweeted the following

Anti-Israel Fauxtography of the Day

Iranian official Hossein Amir-Abdollahian recently tweeted this out

Latest Libel: The Abduction and Murder of 7-Year-Old Palestinian Boy

A number of anti-Israel social media accounts have claimed Israelis abducted 7-year-old Shaheen Wissam Salem, torturing and murdering him.

A Fauxtography “Own Goal”

An Israel-hater by the name of Ali Haider tweeted the following

Fatah Posts Fauxtography To Commemorate ‘Nakba Day’

On Facebook, Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party posted this

Palestinian Serial Fauxtographer Never Rests

Naturally, not everything is as she claims

Palestinian Fauxtography of the Day

A self-described "Palestinian, Journalist" who tweets "about my life in besieged Gaza" has tweeted out this plea to help "the children of Gaza"

Palestinian Fauxtography: The Crying Game Edition

A palestinian propaganda Twitter account called Palestine Post 24 has tweeted out this heart-wrenching photo, claiming "this is the daily life of Gaza children."

Paid Palestinian Propaganda Exposed

An Israel-hater has tweeted out a number of photos, supposedly showing poverty and destruction in Gaza

“Happy Easter From Occupied Palestine!”

When I saw this, I jumped into action with a reverse image search


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