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Wednesday, January 24, 2018
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Not So “Great” Britain

The likes of Burt and Twigg are phony gems who impress by speaking the right speak

Is Kay Wilson’s Story Moving Parliament In The UK To Act?

Kay Wilson is discussing the UK’s financing of terorrist salaries and pensions with the UK’s International Development Committee

Abbas Laughs His Way Thru London

An astonishing example of double talk

Reader Post: A Nazi-Style Meeting in Parliament

This meeting has no place in parliament

UK Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry is Still Saying Really Stupid Things

“We need a bit of movement on both sides.”

Prince Charles Doesn’t Think Jews Belong In Israel

The Arabs have convinced Charles that Jews don’t belong in our indigenous, ancestral homelands.

WATCH: Israeli PM Netanyahu Personally Thanking UK Security & Police

Sometimes it is the little things that can really make an impression

WATCH: British PM Theresa May’s Great Speech in Support of Israel

An emphatic speech in support of the Balfour Declaration and Israel.

Shocked! Jeremy Corbyn Declines Invite to Balfour Declaration Event

File this under No Sh*t Sherlock

UK Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Twists Meaning of Balfour Declaration

Ambassador Allen twists the meaning of the Balfour Declaration to suit his agenda.

Anti-Israel Labour Group’s Huge Freudian Slip

You can't make this stuff up. (And what a stuff-up it is)

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