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Normal People In The UK May Now Hate Jews

The powerful influence of a corrupted and lying mainstream media now means it is acceptable to hate reported actions of Jews in Israel.

Writer of Legendary British Comedies B*tch Slaps Jeremy Corbyn

This letter, written by the writer of classic British comedies Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister, appeared in today's Times of London

When Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks Says You Are An Antisemite, You Better Believe You...

Rabbi Sacks had this to say about UK Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, following the recent resurfacing of Corbyn's disparaging remarks about British "Zionists"

WATCH: Antisemitism Most Horrid at ‘Corbyn, Antisemitism & Palestine’ Event

Last night, our friends from the Israel Advocacy Movement tried to enter an event called "Corbyn, Antisemitism and Justice For Palestine' in central London." Watch what happens.

Labour Parliamentary Candidate: “Not a Fact” That Killing People for Being Jewish Is Antisemitism...

The antisemitism issue of the UK Labour party just won't go away, especially when UK Labour party members flap their gums.

UK Co-Op Blocks Me For Exposing BDS Support & Antisemitism In Their Midst

Following my latest post in which I pointed out the antisemitic article penned by Robert Cohen, their head of executive external communications, the Co-operative Group in the UK has gone ahead and blocked me on Twitter.

Operation: Mary Lockhart

You can say we took care of things in Mary's house yesterday. Enjoy the ants, Mary.

Who Wore it Better?

Prince William is in Israel..which leads to this important question arising

George Galloway Claims Labour and Corbyn Antisemitism Allegations Are All “Because of Palestine”

George Galloway has come out in support of Corbyn, and claimed the accusations of antisemitism are nothing more than a witch hunt because of his support for the palestinian Arabs
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