Thursday, May 5, 2016
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Guido Fawkes Talks To IDF Radio

Listen to the UK blogger who’s illuminating the UK Labour Jew hatred.

Corbyn’s Kindergarten Killers

Political elites cloaking their hatred of Jews behind their support for the so-called “Palestinian” cause

That’s The Jew You Use?

How to look like you’re helping while simultaneously making things worse.

Billions For Palestinian Authority Goes To Terrorists

The precise money trail from EU, UK and other foreign donors to the hands of convicted murdering terrorists.

Liberal Progressive Madness

When you can’t quite find the words to say “you’re wrong”.

WATCH: Another Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite Elected To High Office In The UK

Malia I only boycott Israel Bouattia has just been elected the new President of the UK’s National Union of Students.

Reader Post: 2016 Divided By 1984

Is there a home for a Jew and a Zionist in the UK's Labour Party?

A Lot Of British Muslims Hate Jews

It’s time to ask Muslims and their leaders what they’re going to do about their Jew hatred problem.

The UK Parliament Will Debate Foreign Aid Paying Palestinian Terrorists

A personal story about Kay Wilson and the two monsters who attacked her and killed Kristine Luken cannot be ignored

Reset The Labour Jew Hatred Counter

If you think Hitler is the greatest man in history, you are probably already in the Labour party.
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