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Thursday, January 19, 2017
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Amazon Employee Can’t Contain Their Antisemitism

Latest example of antisemitism from the UK

Is The MailOnline In Hock With Alan Duncan On Anonymous Anti-Israel Op-Ed?

Why would The MailOnline publish an anonymous Op-Ed by a former government minister?

Al Jazeera’s Sting Against Israeli Embassy In London Reveals … Embassy Doing Its Job

The British media keep perpetuation antisemitism while hiding all positive stories about Israel.

What IS Jeremy Corbyn Trying To Say In His Chanukkah Greeting Video?

This makes me about as uncomfortable as he looks!

Antisemite Josh Bonehill About To Bunk With Bubba

Found guilty of harassing UK Labour MP Luciana Berger with antisemitic posts, and is set to go to jail

Eran Cohen, BDS-Hole And Mocker Of Judaism, Running For UJS President

If you are a Jewish student in the UK, please vote and make sure this guy does not get elected

ElAl’s Planes Will Be Powered By British Rolls Royce Jet Engines

I guess with a deal this big on the table, there’s no way a bunch of screechy protesters throwing hissy fits in super markets were ever going to stop commerce.

Believe It Or Not: Increasing Number of Britons Oppose BDS

More good news from the UK
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