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Guest Post (Mark Pellegrino): What Makes A State

Actor Mark Pellegrino looks at what makes a state

Reader Post: Why Dutch Journalist Derk Walters Is Really Being Expelled From Israel

Is Israel really refusing to renew the visa of a Dutch journalist because he is critical of Israel?
Mahmoud Abbas

Reader Post: Wishful Thinking, No Gain

Those who have speculated on the possibility that he might be headed towards a peace deal would be advised to revisit their thinking.

Guest Post: Open Letter To Pitchfork Music Magazine Regarding Radiohead

An open letter to the editors who publish open letters to artists

Guest Post: A Message From The Past

Rachel makes a poignant find

Reader Post: Open Letter to Professor Mary Kaldor, London School of Economics

Reader Jonathan has a question for Professor Kaldor

Reader Post: Never Forget

We say, NEVER FORGET but, obviously that's a lie

Reader Post: Roger Waters’ Latest Act of Hypocrisy

Reader Jason notices Water's is not true to his so-called principles

Reader Post: 10-Day Voting Period Begins for ‘Inspired By Israel’ Video Contest

“This contest is a vivid and dynamic way for us to show to the world the amazing people, places and innovations of Israel”

Guest Post: The Real Face of Peace

When Ari met Saleem

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