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Reader Post: Lawfare Project Files Charges Against Leila Khaled With National Court of Spain

Suit aims to hold Khaled accountable for her actions

Reader Post: The World Is Coming To Israel

The FIL Men's World Lacrosse Championships will be held in Israel next summer July 12-22

Guest Post: From Exodus to Munich: How Did We Get Here?

Two movies could not be more different

Reader Post: Where I Stand

"I am ashamed that the leadership of the Jewish institutions I once respected have come to this"

Reader Post: Is the News Spinning or Am I?

It's cute to knock CNN as "fake news". It's far more eye-opening to try to understand why this is occurring in the first place.

Guest Post (Hillel Fuld): “On Both Sides”

I guess we have Trump to thank for opening the world's eyes to the dangers of moral relativism

Reader Post: 10 Pro-Tips For Becoming an Effective Anti-Israel Protester

10 pro-tips that astute observers gleaned about how to be a card-carrying Israel-hating activist

Reader Post: Camp Solomon Schechter – Thank You

Reader Dave with a thank you letter to Camp Solomon Schechter

Reader Post: US Jews, Are You ‘Woke’ Yet?

Have American Jews, when faced with a clear and present danger, lost all sense of righteous indignation and their will to live - or just their minds?
Mughrabi Bridge wooden ramp

Reader Post: Topsy Turvy Narrative

Recent events in Israel and their repercussions in London, have prompted reader Gavin to put pen to paper

Reader Post: A Magical Pilgrimage 13 Years in the Making

Yoni recounts a magical experience that was a long time in the making

Guest Post (Mark Pellegrino): What Makes A State

Actor Mark Pellegrino looks at what makes a state

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